About Us

As a busy mom, I’m intent on providing wholesome, delicious meals to my family.  Over the years, I have become known for my slow cooked meals.  Friends love the recipes, but few have time to prepare them before embarking on their busy day.  So after much encouragement, I decided to launch Jesben®, The Slow Cooker Sauce Company™.  Jesben® is named for my kids, my inspiration for making the best tasting, most wholesome meals.  Jesben® makes only slow cooker sauces, nothing else, with the goal of elevating and simplifying the art of slow cooking™Just as I do for my family, we select the best all natural ingredients and ensure our sauces are simmered to perfection.  With Jesben®, just add meat and slow-cook for a great tasting meal.  Now you can go about your busy day knowing that a delicious, slow-cooked meal will be waiting for you and your family at dinner time.  Enjoy!